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Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 30.03.2013, 13:50
von Jokaero
So it looks like I'll be the Team Switzerland Captain for Eurobowl 2013 in Vienna :sweat: and it will therefore be up to me to have the final word when it comes to the selection of the other team members as well as what BB race they will be playing.

As I announced before the election, the goal is to have a team that will represent Switzerland in the best way possible and that guarantees a great and fun time for all the team members. Criteria to be in the team are therefore a mix of the following:

*Good Blood Bowl Skills
*Attendance in recent tournaments
*Experience with different top tier teams (we can't have the same BB race twice)
*Participation in the team finding process here in the forum
*Social skills and Team spirit (moral support of other team members during and between games, up for drinks
*A good mix of Romandes and German speakers.

I won't take into account who voted for me to be captain. I also want everyone to help me finding the right team. So let's discuss here who should be in. Of some players I'm almost certain that they should be in the team, of others I have no idea mostly because I don't know them in person or haven't seen them at tourneys for ages. So maybe you can tell us a bit more about yourself and your Blood Bowl experience. I will then make final decisions until April 14th.

The following 12 coaches applied to be in the team:
*Alexander Bucher, Strider84, lex.bucher at
*Roger Bussinger, ButtonToo, rogerbussinger at
*Lamon Cyril, Lyricoz,
*Markus Liechti, Jokaero, naf at
*Thorel Stephane, Goss,
*Jacques Papaux, BdG,
*Cédric Monney, storm, cedric at
*Philipp Foerster, Phifoe,
*Wil Gijsbers, dadude,
*Foerster Johann, Le_Troll (15927), johannfoerster at
*Christian Tanner, boomer,
*Stefan Dux,

As far as I understand, everybody except @Goss and @dadude have a Swiss passport. Is that correct? It would be cool if the ones who haven't got one could shortly illustrate their connection with Switzerland. I think players who work, live and have their friends in Switzerland (basically feel like Swiss) should be able to play in the team as well.
What I don't like are mercenaries who spend the time between games rather with their friends from their home country than with the rest of our team.

Even though we probably won't make it to the top3, I still think we should attend the Eurobowl with a good setup of BloodBowl races. So, I want to exclude fun or semi-fun teams like Goblins, Halflings, Vampires or Ogres.

We should therefore choose our team from the top tier races:
*Wood Elves
*Dark Elves
*Chaos Dwarves

The following I see slightly weaker as the ones above:
*Norse (could be top tier as well)
*High Elves

No GOs:
*Chaos Pact

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 30.03.2013, 14:21
von Jokaero
players I see 99% in the team are:

*Strider84 (extremely successful coach, can play any team)
*ButtonToo (very active and successful at recent tourneys)
*Lyricoz (former team captain, experienced player, great team spirit)
*Jokaero (experienced tourney player, can play any team)
*Phifoe (great participation in the team finding process)
*Le_Troll (great participation in the team finding process, high NAF ranking)

Could you please let us know what teams you see yourself playing and give some reasons to it.


It would be cool if the following could tell us a bit more about themselves:

*Goss (active tournament player, Dark Elves, French, CR 162.29)
*dadude (veteran, Dutch, last tourney in 2009, Dwarves and Zones, CR 162.87)
*storm (semi-active tournament player, Wood Elves only, CR 143.04)
*BdG (semi-active tournament player, Skaven only, CR 116.51)
*boomer (veteran, tournament organiser, active only on
*stogr (veteran, active only on

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 31.03.2013, 11:05
von Lyricoz
Thank you for your explanations about your choices as captain!

The teams I'm the more experienced with are wood elves and orcs

My NAF result with orcs are prettyj low but (and it´s not an excuse :blabla: ) a couple of my opponents against whom I won weren't naf members and I played a couple of tournaments out of the naf points system against good french coaches. I play the team with 3 gobs which aloud me to be a bit more nasty on the field fooling my opponents... Orcs is the team I've played the most with...

Wood elves are the opposit... I started to play them after a serie of defeats with my orcs... I played them at the world cup and improved these last couple of month in training against Elyoukey (french coach who is european champion 2012 with France) nearly each week... Wood elves are "points maker" in a competition and if someone is a better coach than me with them he should play them but I would be more than happy to put my players one more time on the field for the eurobowl!

... last choice would be chaos dwarves... I played them in the eurobowl 2008... but I would not put them in my first choice... dito with amazons, I played them in eurobowl 2010, I made the choice to play the roster the night before the competition, we had lost two players in the team that night and we had to recreate the team :dash2: ...

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 31.03.2013, 11:39
von dadude
So to start with: happy easter to you all!

Thanks Jokaero for these guidelines, they make sense.

So to my person;

I'm playing the game since the second edition. I played tournaments even before the NAF was around, mainly with amazons and dwarf.

After my attendence at the ressurection tournament in Nottingham, boomer and I started a league in Luzern and Zürich.
The Luzern league held for nearly 7 Years, untill it died down.
I started a family, which needed my attention more!
So i wasn't able to motivate the players enough, to keep playing enough games to maintain the amount needed to play a serious league.

Well now that 'da kids' are a bit older, my attention comes back to da game!

My favorites are the dwarf and amazon teams.
I play undead, necromants, orcs and chaos dwarfs.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 31.03.2013, 12:29
von Strider84
Hi guys,

I'm pretty addicted to the game so I play a lot on Fumbbl, which means for the last 4 years I have played over 1000 games with all different races.


- Won 2 NAF tourneys with Amazones (Tri-rehna cup, B7)
- Won 2 Stunty trophies with Ogres coming in 9th out of 64 (B7) and 9th out of 92 (dungeon Bowl)
- Won a Cyanide Cup with Undead (128 players)
- Won the DFFL league on Fumbbl with Humans 3 times

Looking at the popularity amongst Dwarfs, Zones and Woodies amongst the other players I should probably play Undead or Lizards. Wichever team it shall be I'll bring to the Alsawbowl, if I can borrow it from somebody :-)

I also invite anyone to play some games on Fumbbl, it is a great community and the games only take about an hour. I can play almost any day at 22:00 if you want to play a game with me. my Nickname is Strider84. A good way to practice on low TV games is als the Royal rookie Rumble, a tournament with 16 players with all rookie teams.



Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 31.03.2013, 15:18
von ButtonToo
Hey yall

I play a lot on Fumbbl. And I played also a lot on tournaments since i play BB.(May 2012)

My CR with Orcs is quite nice, in 5 month from 150 to 175.95 (220 games on Fumbbl and maybe 50 TT games)
I played successful against pretty experienced coaches in UK and Germany with my orcs.

I played also some CDs and Humans on fumbbl but I'm not as experienced as with orcs.

I ll play them also at the Alsabowl if its ok:-D

I think I'm ready for the EB with my Orc team.


Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 01.04.2013, 10:40
von BdG

A few words to defend (... yes I know, it ll be difficult) my place in the team.
I'm Jacques, I'm 33 yo and I'm from Fribourg.
I play skaven, orcs and undead (the last one is my favorite one).

My NAF ranking is pretty bad because I like to play in a dangerous (and yes, foolish) way with my skaven... but I ve also to admit that I m not a good player :cry: (but a honest one :up: ). To give an idea, I was the 189th player (on 484) in the Naf World cup in 2011.

My skills ?
I really like BB, I never surrender, I m fair play and easy going and I ve a good team spirit !

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 01.04.2013, 14:05
von Phifoe
Phifoe here,

I'm playing at standard Necromantic, with more or less success. Apparently because they are not in the top tiers :whistle:
I also played Dark Elves and a couple of times Undead.
If any one is more common with these teams, take the team, primacy for you.
I'm absolutly willing to pick any team proposed (if it's one of the teams above even better).
My plan is to play the "true" team a first time in May, but for sure on the Alsabowl.
And to meet some team-members to win some game-experience and get shown some tricks.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 01.04.2013, 19:21
von Le_Troll
:jester: :jester: :jester:
Hi, i love play teams with block so Dwarfs, Chaos-Dwarf or Norse. But i like too The Lizzard-Team or Oggrins... :super: The other teams i play but i dont have a great motivation (no bash :down: ).
Of my social-competition, i know how i can commande beer :beer: , i speak a littel bit germen, french and a littel bit lesser english. hm, i dont have any problem to speake with the cheer-leaders and are a littel jester :D
PS: Yes, i dance with my dwars samba :punk:
:jester: :jester: :jester:

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 02.04.2013, 11:08
von Storm
Hi everybody,

I am Cédric Monney, aka Storm and am 31 year old. I live in Zurich.

I started bloodbowl many years ago (about 10 years ago) but did not played actively during a few years...

I am member of the Ouroboros Ligue and am used to play wood elves, Norse and Human.

I started to play wood elves in the Ouroboros Ligue during 2009 and 2011 and finished three years in a row first of the ligue and of the year-end tournament. For some statisitcs please find a link to the "old" Ouroboros website,0 (50 games played, 45 wins, 3 nils and 2 defeats)

I am not very active in national and international tournaments (played only a few like Tri-Rhena two times, Euro and World Cup etc.), but have good blood bowl skills as well as social skills (I was captain of the second swiss team at the World Cup in Amsterdam). I like to play with friends and prefer organize a "local" tournament with 8 to 12 friends than travel 300km to play 4 games. However, I really enjoyed playing at the Euro Cup and World Cup because there you play in a team, and that's what I like in a tournament... not only playing for me but for the team respectively for my country!

I am absolutely not active in Fumble or any other internet game because I prefer see my opponents in the eyes while I am playing and not only a field on a screen. Managing the emotion in front of an opponent is absolutely different than being alone at home!

I would be proud to defend the swiss flag at the Euro but would accept any decision made by the captain such as electing a better player than me.

Kind regards


Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 02.04.2013, 19:49
von Otis
Bonjour à tous!!

Bravo pour l excellent brainstorming et le travail accompli jusqu a present.
Mein Name ist Michel Corpataux - otis. Ich bin 29 und wohne in Freiburg-CH.

I enjoy playing this game a lot, and if not too late, I would offer my services for the swiss team 2013.
I always play for the win (my friends from ouroboros can tell you, specially le_troll ;-)) I am a serious teammate and continually try to get better on the field. Ich bin natürlich nach den Spielen, ein lustiger Kerl der gerne lacht und Biere trinkt.

My results on this level:
World Cup 2011 - Darkelf (4-2-3)
Eurobowl 2012 - Chaos dwarf ( 3-4-0)

Je me tiens à ta disposition Jokaero, et bravo pour ta nomination!

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 02.04.2013, 22:36
von Goss
hello everybody !

then, i'm french, living and working in swizerland for 5 years. my daugther is born in swizerland, and the 2nd one this summer also.
i know the guys from the ouroboros league in Fribourg (le troll, phifoe, otis, storm, bdg...)
i started to play BB with the second edition and after years i restart to play on internet for 3 years, in tournaments for one year (i try to play once a month) and in the ouroboros league this year.
according to my skills level, i am not good as jokaero, le troll or lyricoz but i am not too bad.
my results :
- won the cabalvision league two times with humans and orcs (internet)
- 4th (3-1-1) at my first tournament with dark elves (L.A Cup France)
- 3-0-2 at the Alsabowl with dark elves (team of 3, France)
- Octobowl with ogres, humans and dark elves(Lyon, France)
- 1-2-4 at the Eurobowl with dark elves(Copenhagen, swiss team)
- 2nd (4-0-1) at the Ainpact VIII with dark elves(France)
- 1-2-2 at the Melting Bowl (France)
- 1-1-3 at the Bowl des Neiges with goblins (France)
- 2-0-3 at the Meroux Blood Bowl Kit with wood elves (France)

as you can see, most of the time i play dark elves, i can also play wood elves, orcs, humans, lizard, skavens, amazon but some coachs are better and with more experience than me.

According to my experience at the Eurobowl at Copenhagen, i found that very interesting, fun, it was a pleasure to play in a team of 8.
We had bad results but others were cleary better than us, with more experience. I had bad results but i was happy by each match i played, i never surrender and my opposent had to do their best to win.

For me, this we in Vienne is the occasion to play and to have fun in a good ambiance, with better results as possible.
But before that, we can try to meet each others, I will be at the alsabowl in june.

wath else?
This week, we organize our first tournament with the cabalvision league near Pontarlier, close to swizerland. This first edition is private, with a little bit more than 20 coachs from cabalvision, the 2nd one will be open.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 04.04.2013, 14:11
von boomer
i'm christian. a.k.a. boomer on fumbbl.

i consider myself a somewhat below average coach. making up the lack of smarts with experience.
as for this tourney, i'd be in for the company, first and foremost. since dadude, stogr and jokaero are old friends of mine i'd love to join - if they do.
also - my french sucks big time. so that doesn't help...

the team i'm most experienced in is wood elves.
after that, dwarves.
after that, skaven.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 09.04.2013, 22:45
von Goss
tic tac tic tac, we will know who will be in the team this week end :up:

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 13.04.2013, 13:39
von Jokaero
Hi all,
thanks for all the comments and additional information about your motivation to join the team. They helped me a lot to get a good picture. I would currently see the team as follows:

*Strider84 - Amazon
*ButtonToo - Orcs
*Lyricoz - Wood Elves
*Phifoe - Undead
*Le_Troll - Dwarves
*otis - Chaos Dwarves
*Goss - Dark Elves
*Jokaero - Lizardmen

I was trying to look at all the criteria that I've listed above. Many coaches seem to have decent skills but for me it's hard to judge if they haven't joined any tournament lately or I haven't played against them in person.
Playing at tournaments needs somehow different skills then playing in leagues or in the internet. It also needs more endurance as it's 6 or 7 games in a 2 days time. Of course I also had to keep in mind what teams you guys are familiar with as we can't have two times the same.

I would suggest that the 8 players confirm quickly if they accept their nomination and if they are happy with their assigned team. I still want to give some space for discussion on that matter.

Allt the others: We also have to be aware that there is always a chance that a coach drops out on a short note and we need coaches who move up in that case.
Maybe there's also a single tournament this year. If so I would like to encourage everyone to come along to Vienna and have a great time there together. It will also make the selection process next year much easier if all the Swiss players know each other in person.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 13.04.2013, 14:13
von ButtonToo
Juhuu i`m in:-D

Perfect. Orcs is definitively ma best race at the moment. And i hope I ll play as successful as before. I feel very comfortable with this team and i m ready to play them at the EB 13.
It ll be a lot of fun and as I said in my first or second post, I m going to pay a beer for everybody:-D

Greeez Button

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 13.04.2013, 17:48
von Lyricoz
A pleasure to join the team!

Happy with the woodies... I have to work hard now to improve my skills with them as much as possible!

I'm playing at the Gourry' cup and with some players of the Swiss team at the Alsabowl!

I'll try to go to one more tournament before the EB...

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 14.04.2013, 12:32
von Le_Troll
:up: :up: :up:
Thx Jok, the dwarf are perfect and for the endurance, i have taken 2x times the Teflon-Cup :lighten:
:up: :up: :up:

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 14.04.2013, 12:40
von Strider84
I guess I have to take a shot at the top NAF switzerland ranking with my zones now. You're own fault at least if I make it :-)

But yeah fine for me and a nice Team for Switzerland. I fear we'll have to organize the Eurobowl next year.

I'll see most or even all of you at the Alsabowl then.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 14.04.2013, 20:37
von Le_Troll
:beer: :beer: :beer:
Otis is on the holyday but he is happy to play for the team switzerland the chaos-dwarfs :up:
:beer: :beer: :beer:

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 14.04.2013, 21:18
von Phifoe
Tanks and it fits absolutly - nothing to discuss :)

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 14.04.2013, 23:22
von Goss
:beer: yeah ! congratulations to everybody !
it seems to be a very nice team !
oki for me with the dark elves.
i will be also at the alsabowl and the gourry's cup.

Re: Eurobowl 2013 - Team Selection

Verfasst: 22.04.2013, 09:48
von Storm
Hello everybody,

Despite the fact that I am not part of the team for the Eurobowl 2013, I agree with this decision and wish you all the best and hope you will make us proud :1st: (ok, ok, probably not the first rank :up: )

And please, try to enjoy Vienna, it's such a beautiful city!

Kind regards