Warhammer Nurgle demon army

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Warhammer Nurgle demon army

Beitrag von Gobboo » 29.06.2017, 21:53

Hello guys,

First of all sorry that I'm writing in English but my German is not so good.

I'm selling the following Games Workshop miniatures which are coming from the late 80s and from the 90s. Each of them is a real uniquity which really hard to find on the market nowadays. I listed the editions of the miniatures in the parentheses.

NURGLE daemons

58 - Plague Bearer (1st, 2nd),
10 - base nurgling (5-5 piece / base. 1st. Very well painted!!!),
6 - Chaos Nurgle character (1st),
1 - Nurgle Daemon Prince,
1 - Nurgle Palanquin (1st),
1 - Great Unclean One (1st),
1 - Nurgle Character ride on a Beast of Nurgle
(converted - can be used as Nurgle cavalry),
5 - Plague Bearer ride on a Beast of Nurgle
(converted - can be used as Nurgle cavalry),
2 - Nurgle chariot - (converted - both of them are very well built)

I would't like to sell them seperately.

If you are interested please drop a message to : buccaneers140@gmail.com to discuss the price and everything.



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