Thundergnome III - 29th June 2019

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Thundergnome III - 29th June 2019

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Hi Everyone,
Thundergnome III will take place on 29th June 2019 at the GZ Oerlikon - hope to see you there...



When: 29th June 2019
Organiser: TheOldTook/Kithor/Milo
Type: OPEN
Style: SWISS
Cost: ca. 30 CHF/25 EUR
*NAF registration not included
Local Take Aways or Pizza Service for lunch - also not included
Where: GZ Oerlikon
Additional Information
Rules of Engagement
The Gnomes of Zurich welcome you to the third Thundergnome!
In this special World Cup Year, the Gnomes are supporting their counterparts in the vale of Thornpear by helping the World to prepare. Thus we are playing World Cup rules for the three matches. However, as the Gnomes still like their fun, some of the special rules still apply – read on.
Current Rules of Games Workshop™ Blood Bowl™ – as applied by the NAF.
All teams previously registered in the Competition Rules Book/LRB6 including Slann/Chaos Pact/Underworld/Bretonnian/Khorne are welcome.
Three Games played – Saturday 29th June – Registration 09:00 – 09:30
Game 1 – 09:30 – 11:45
Lunch - 11:45 – 12:45
Game 2 - 12:45 – 15:00
Game 3 – 15:30 – 17:45
Award Ceremony 18:00/18:30

Tiers and Team Creation:
Tiers as per World Cup:
• Tier 1: Amazons, Bretonnians, Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elves
• Tier 2: Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elves, Humans, Khemri, Necromantic
• Tier 3: Daemons of Khorne, Chaos, Nurgle’s Rotters, Slann, Underworld Denizens, Vampires
• Tier 4: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres
Team Creation as per World Cup:
Teams will be built and will gain improvements (additional skills or stat upgrades) according to their placement in the tier system above. The composition of all teams and all improvements to be taken must be submitted before the tournament.
Team Building:
Coaches must spend a minimum of 1,100,000 gold pieces when building their team. When building your team, you may buy:
• At least 11 standard roster players before any star player
• 0-8 Re-Rolls
• Assistant coaches
• Cheerleaders
• 0-1 Apothecary or Igor, depending on race
• 0-9 Fan Factor
• Inducements. The cost will be as following and will count for all 9 games:
o 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs for each 50 kgp
o 0-3 Bribes for each 100 kgp, for Goblins only for each 50 kgp
o 0-1 Masterchef for 300 kgp, for Halflings only 100 kgp
o 0-2 NAF-approved star players for their regular cost
Wizards, (in)famous coaching staff and/or Special Play Cards are explicitly not allowed at Thundergnome. If both teams have hired the same star player, he/she will play for both teams.
Additional Cash:
Each team receives additional funding based on their tier. Starting cash can be used for team building (as above) or used to buy skills or a mixture of both. Cash for days 2 and 3 can only be spent on skills in advance of those days.
Tier Starting Cash – Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
(gold pieces) (before game 2) (before game 3)
1 1,160,000 40,000 40,000
2 1,200,000 50,000 40,000
3 1,250,000 50,000 40,000
4 1,250,000 70,000 40,000

• A ‘normal’ skill costs 20 kgp
• A ‘double’ skill costs 30 kgp
o Tiers 1-3 are limited to one double skill during the tournament
o Tier 4 may have more than one double skill
• Your roster can have one player that has two additional skills. Both skills must be normal skills and the second skill has a cost of 30,000 gold pieces. These skills can be added at different times in the event.
• Tier 4 may buy a single stat upgrade. This cannot be combined with any other additional skill.
o + MA / AV costs 40,000 gold pieces,
o + AG 50,000 gold pieces and
o + ST 60,000 gold pieces.
• Star players may not receive additional skills or stat upgrades
All gold left unspent each day is lost, and does not carry over to subsequent days. If you choose to not spend all of your gold, the organizing committee thanks you for your contribution to our bar tab!
Additional Rules:
• The four-minute rule is not used. However, due to time constraints, matches must be played within the time allowed, should a match begin to overrun, the players will be given a chess clock.
A Win is worth 4 points
A Draw is worth 2 points
A Loss within 1 TD is worth 1 point
A Loss by more than 1 TD is worth 0 points.
Discontinue/Give Up -2 points.

Trophies awarded for:
Most Points = Winner
Most TDs (if Winner also has most TDs, second most TDs receive trophy)
Most CAS (if Winner or most TD, second or third most CAS receives trophy)

Additional Game Rules
GAME 1 – Fan Participation – the Fans have all been issued with free Rocks to throw – First Half, Each Kick-Off result is applied as usual, but another D6 must be thrown – on a roll of 1 or 2, the Fans also throw a Rock. / Second Half, most rocks have been expended and a rock is only thrown when a 1 is rolled. Both teams are equally affected – only FAME +2 adds +1 to the Dice Roll, FAME +1 gives no advantage.

GAME 2 – Secret Weapons – A secret weapon is stashed in every corner – a player reaching this corner (may not be placed within 4 squares from the corner at Kick-off) may, at the start of the next turn, act as if he had picked up a secret weapon / Determined by Dice Roll: Chainsaw, Set of Bombs, Dagger. The Ref has been paid to ignore these secret weapons, but they have to be dropped when a Touch Down is scored and the player reverts to being just a normal player for the next drive.

GAME 3 – Exploding Balls – The usual Game Ball has been replaced by a specially modified ball that may or may not explode – every time the ball is handled – on pick-up, catch, intercept, an additional ball-check is required. On a 3+ everything is fine, on a 1 or 2 the ball explodes, knocking down the player attempting to handle the ball and forcing an Armour Roll. Adjacent players are affected on a Roll of 1. A new ball magically appears two random squares away from the explosion site – if this is off-pitch, the fans throw in a ball as per the usual rules.

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